Promote economic development to hold down taxes

What makes our community great is the mixture of small, medium and large businesses that thrive in dedicated districts and right within our walking neighborhoods. We need to welcome and support companies of all sizes and of different types.

Improve roads, sewers and other infrastructure

There are six hotspots in Wauwatosa that are priorities in sanitary sewer issues. The City has almost completed the repairs in the Ruby Ave area and is doing analysis on the other areas including the impact water water runoff from buildings into the system. I am assisting the consultants doing the analysis with communications to commerical properties and churchs in the greater Village area.

Protect and preserve our well-maintained, safe, and attractive neighborhoods

As Executive Director of the Village of Wauwatosa BID, I work closely with the police department on safety issues. Several years ago I formed the first commercial block watch program in Wauwatosa because I believe safe business areas support safe neighborhoods. I currently serve as the block watch captain for my neighborhood.

Support our high-quality public school district

The quality of our public schools is one of the top reasons families choose to move into and stay in our City. We must work together to support them in challenging times. As President of Education Foundation of Wauwatosa, I worked to help district staff provide educational opportunities that enhance the current curriculum without an impact on taxes. As a result, I was appointed by the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Phil Ertl, to serve on the strategic planning committee.