I am honored beyond measure to have earned your vote and am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I’d like to thank all of you who took the time to ask questions, gave your input on your concerns, and allowed me the opportunity to convey my ideas for a stronger Wauwatosa. I am proud of the fact that the public endorsements I have received were unsolicited by me. I have never sought endorsements from any group, individual, or organization; they have offered it, which says a lot.

I love Wauwatosa. I believe our city is one of the most desirable communities in Wisconsin in which to live and do business, and we have incredible opportunities to grow. Yet I am realistic about the challenges we face to maintain the level of services and quality of life on a limited budget.

As a community, we will need to make tough and thoughtful decisions. That requires a creative, high energy leader who is experienced in getting people involved in finding solutions within tight budgets.

I am proud of what was accomplished in the Village Business District during the time I have been the Executive Director. The budget has not increased in five years, yet the Village has flourished.

As Mayor, I will apply my energy and my experience in economic development, public works, budgeting, marketing, communications, and engaging individuals to find solutions for our City.

Thanks for visiting my website!